Frequently Asked Questions

BlueDental Plans
What is BCBSAZ BlueDental?

BCBSAZ “stand-alone” dental products are known as BlueDentalSM plans. We designed the products for affordability and to go beyond the typical set of dental benefits.

  • We offer multiple plan designs and three networks to choose from (PPO, Prime PPO, and DHMO), making it easy for employers to find an option that works for their benefit package.
  • Our BlueDental plans build on basic coverage to include implants, cosmetic services (DHMO only), and orthodontia.
  • We focus on prevention to help employers get the most from their dental investment and support their Health and Wellness programs. We offer:
    • Preventive Rewards, a program in which every member who gets two cleanings from an in-network dentist per plan year gets $20
    • Prevention Plus, a program in which members with diabetes and expectant mothers are covered for one additional dental cleaning or one additional periodontal maintenance procedure per plan year

    Employers appreciate the additional advantages—like no waiting periods, rollover of unused benefits, as well as voluntary and non-voluntary options.

Is BCBSAZ administering the BlueDental plans?

BCBSAZ issues the plans, and has partnered with a leading dental plan administrator to administer the plans.

Why does BCBSAZ use a dental plan administrator for these plans?

Our dental plan administrator supports BCBSAZ to:

  • Leverage the latest dental technology, giving us the capacity to offer the latest variations in plan designs.
  • Deliver a comprehensive provider assistance experience, with call resolution and claims processing that meet and often exceed industry standards.

Which member ID prefixes indicate a BlueDental plan?

The member ID prefixes associated with the BlueDental plans are:

  • 99D
  • MUM

BlueDental Claims
Where do I submit claims for a member with a BlueDental plan (member ID prefixes 99D and MUM)?

Submit claims electronically to BCBSAZ (EDI Payer ID: 53589).

What documentation needs to be submitted with dental claims?

BCBSAZ requires clinical records to be submitted with claims that include certain standard dental codes.

BlueDental Provider Assistance
What kind of provider support is available for BlueDental plans?

The BlueDental provider portal offers full support for providers, including eligibility, benefits, and claims information. It also offers many provider resources, including forms and guidelines such as the BlueDental Provider Manual.

The Dental Provider Assistance line is 1 (866) 595-4354.

Other BCBSAZ Dental Products and Networks
Are there other BCBSAZ Dental Products and Networks?

Yes, see the Dental Products and Networks Quick Reference Guide for an overview of all BCBSAZ dental products and networks. In addition to the BlueDental products, you may see members with the following types of plans:

  • BCBSAZ individual members with medical plans that have embedded pediatric dental benefits for members up to age 19. Check the member ID card to see if it says “Pediatric Dental Benefits YES.”
  • BlueCard members with stand-alone dental benefit plans from another Blue plan or medical plans that have embedded pediatric dental benefits for members up to age 19.
  • Federal Employee Program (FEP) members with the Standard and Basic Options, or those with supplemental FEP BlueDental plans. The member ID begins with the letter R or F.
  • Corporation Health Services (CHS) group members with dental benefits – these plans are administered by the self-funded group’s TPA.